Sea Run Brown Trout Availability

Estancia Maria Behety, La Villa e EMB
The two lodges on Estancia Maria Behety are wrapping up confirming which weeks they can offer to news rods for 2025. The “maybes” are pending confirmation. If you would definitely take any of these “maybe” rods now, please contact us immediately.

Maria Behety Lodge 
Jan 18-25   2 rods maybe
Feb 8-15    3 rods maybe
Mar 22-29   6 rods
Mar 1-8   2 rods  maybe

La Villa de EMB Lodge
Jan 4-11      3 rods
Jan 11-18  2 rods
Mar 8-15  3-4 rods  maybe
Mar 15-22  2 rods

Kau Tapen & Villa Maria
These two lodges currently have some open rods. The higher price point that deters some anglers is resulting is opportunities for others.
Kau Tapen:  Jan 18-25, Jan 25-Feb 1, Feb 1-8, Feb 8-15, Feb 15-22, Mar 15-22
Villa Maria:  Jan 3-10, Feb 21-28, Mar 7-14, Mar 14-22

San Jose Lodge & Howenh Lodge
Howenh Lodge is the newest lodge on the Rio Grande and San Jose only opened to the public a couple of seasons ago.  Anglers are less familiar with these lodges and therefore it’s easier to find space. The important thing to keep in mind is that all the Sea Runs entering the river are headed for the waters above these newer lodges. After Feb 1, your chances of great fishing are the same as anywhere else on the river. San Jose and Howenh Lodge also come in at a lower price point.
San Jose Lodge:  Feb 7-14, Feb 14-21, Feb 21-Feb 28, Feb 28-Mar 7, Mar 14-21
Howenh Lodge:   TBA

Las Buitreras Lodge
Amazingly enough there are still spots available on a couple really good weeks at Las Buitreras. Although the Rio Grande gets more attention, they share the same catch rates and fish size. If you are aren’t finding what you are looking for, call us to discuss the experience at Las Buitreras Lodge.
Las Buitreras:  Jan 11-18, Feb 15-22

Despedida Lodges
 This small 6 rod lodge is almost booked full. But there are good chances for getting in Jan 4-11 or Mar 22-29

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