Jurassic Lake Lodge Charter Flight, Argentina

Jurassic Lake Charter Flight Returns!

On our April 23 Zoom meeting with the lodge owner, Carlos, he broke the news that the round-trip charter will return for the 2024-2025 season!  (If you are missing our Zoom meetings with lodge owners, you are missing out! Check out the schedule and join us!)

Anglers will spend Friday night in El Calafate and be picked up early on Saturday, shuttled to the airport and fly privately 1hr directly to the lodge. The return flight gets anglers back to El Calafate in time for them to fly home the same day. Traveling by truck is still available but this charter is extremely convenient and means you’ll get more time on the water.

Hot Prime Season rods to grab now are:
Oct 19 – 26 Oct 1 Spot
Oct 26 – 2 Nov 4 Spots
Nov 0 – 16 Nov 1 Spots
Nov 16- 23 Nov 6 Spots
Nov 30 – 7 Dec 2 Spots
Dec 14- 21 Dec 6 Spots
Book your week at Jurassic Lake Today and we’ll make sure you have the right flies.

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