Tierra del Fuego –How To Get A Good Week & Remaining 2024 Spots

Tierra del Fuego – How to get a good week

Those contacting us now for space on the Rio Grande in 2025 will likely get them. Those waiting until May or beyond will need a little luck. No one wants to travel all that way for a subprime week so the competition is high for prime weeks.

The First Right of Refusal system employed by most lodges on the Rio Grande means that anglers wishing to book for 2025 won’t be able to until the lodges confirm which of the 2024 anglers will rebook or release their space. In general, lodges will accept new bookings for those open spaces in May, however, at that point, the lodges may already be holding a waitlist for the prime weeks.

Needless to say, after 17 years of booking the Sea Run brown Trout Lodge in Argentina, we’re plugged in. When it comes to securing prime dates for anglers, we have an excellent track record and we will increase your chances of getting the lodge you want, when you want.

Simply Contact Us Now to at least start the conversation.  Once we understand your goals and/or challenges, we can create a plan for success together.

Contact us to fish Trophy Sea run Brown Trout in 2025!   434-249-1783

Last Minute Sea Run Brown Fishing Deals / Opportunities

Cancelations are bad news unless you’re the lucky guy able to take advantage of them.

Cancelations are bad news unless you’re the lucky guy able to take advantage of them.  If you are a single angler, we know of some places that will either wave or reduce the single angler fee.

San Jose Lodge – Sea Runs
March 1-8        3 rods  (Make an offer!)
March 9-16      4 rods   (Cancelation special $5900/rod)
March 16-23     2 rods

Kau Tapen Lodge – Sea Runs
January 20-27    2 rods   Special Price $12,500
March 9-16          8 rods         (Cancelation special – Make an offer!)

Villa Maria Lodge – Sea Runs
March 1-8       1 rod    Special Price $12,500
March 8-15     1 rod   Special Price $10,500
March 15-22    2 rods    Special Price $10,500 (OR Make an offer on both rods!)

Limay River Ranch – Trout
March 1-8
March 8-15
March 15-22
March  22-30
Mar 30- April 6
April 6-13

Best of Patagonia– Trout
March 2-9
March 9-16
March 16-23

Argentina Waters – Trout
March 2-9
March 9-16
March 16-23

Rio Manso Lodge – Trout
Feb 24- Mar 3
March 2-9
March 9-16
March 17-23
March 23-30
March 30-April 6
April 3-10

Spring reek Lodge – Trout
March 2-9

Tecka Lodge – Trout
March 23-30

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