The WHY behind our Patagonia Trout Odyssey

The WHY behind our 4 Week Patagonia Trout Odyssey – 2024

What started as a rough idea over 18 months ago turned into a truly extraordinary fly fishing travel adventure that trout angler’s dream about. Beginning in Chile and ending in Argentina, our journey will encompass fishing five lodges, from Feb 24 to Mar 23. Recently, we added two more lodges, culminating our odyssey on April 4.
The selection of these five core lodges was driven primarily by the pursuit of Patagonia Brown Trout, with the breathtaking scenery being our second criteria.  The anglers joining us for one or more weeks have their own motivations. In this post, I summarize more reasons why I personally selected each lodge to visit this winter.
It’s a quick read, complete with informative videos, and may help narrow your focus on where to cast a fly this winter. At the bottom you’ll see a brief description of the two lodges we just added which anyone can join as well.


Big Browns On Intimate Streams – Stalking Brown Trout with dry flies on several small, exclusive streams
Diversity Of Waters – Between the two lodges, we’ll only fish a fraction of available rivers and streams at each lodge. Scouting missions for new waters within their private properties were underway in April of this year which says a lot for lodges that have been in operation for years.
Breathtaking Patagonian Landscapes– Coyhaique, Chile is stunning with glacier rivers in lush forests, towering Andes, waterfalls, crystal clear rivers, grasslands with vibrant creeks and panoramic views.
Reunite with Famous Welsh Angler, Greg Vincent.
Since our meeting in Tierra del Fuego in 1999, he’s become well known around the globe as a phenomenal guide and outfitter. Today he is co-owner of Cinco Rios, expert saltwater consultant and Permit maniac.
Expert Guides – Greg and his partner Sebastian don’t accept subpar guides. The same guides have been there for years and possess deep knowledge of trout behavior on their waters.
Easy Travel – An overnight in Santiago Chile is required but hotels only 3 kilometers from the airport make it easy. From Santiago to the lodge is a 2 hour flight to Balmaceda plus a 20 min drive to the lodge. Transferring to our second lodge is just a short drive over the border into Argentina.

(2 spots left) Learn More – Email or Call  434-249-1783


Fish Two Famous Areas I Used To Guide – Alerces National Park is home to famous and stunningly beautiful rivers such as the Rivadavia, Arrayanes and Frey. Around Esquel, there is the always productive Rio Grande (aka Futalefu), and the dry fly rivers of Arroyo Pescado, Chubut and Gualjaina. Sight fishing  with dries abound. There are even some delicate spring creeks.
Prioritizing Best Fishing Opportunities – Unlike lodges with 10-12 anglers/week, Argentina Waters is flexible to fish only waters that are fishing the best. Few anglers per week means no obligations to put anglers on any particular river or have a set schedule. They have plenty to choose from.
Big Browns & Brookies Out Their Backdoor – The lodge overlooks the Laguna Larga. No one is obligated to fish the lake, but those who choose to, usually land a few really big trout. I have fond memories of Laguna Larga!
Food! I am eager to experience their menu this season. Laura and Gonzalo are both professionally trained chefs and fuse French and Argentine cuisine with new dishes each season.
Unpretentious Atmosphere in a Spectacular Setting – The lodge overlooks the lake and snow capped Andean peaks. Laura and Gonzalo built the lodge right on Laguna Large that feels more like visiting old friends in a familiar, warm home.
Just Over The Hill From Chile – Getting to Le Fario Lodge is literally a 1-hour scenic transfer from Estancia del Zorro in Chile to the Argentina border where Gonzalo and his crew takes us 2 hours to El Fario Lodge. Rarely can one fish both Chile and Argentina without flying through both Buenos Aires and Santiago.

(2 spots left) Learn More – Email or Call  434-249-1783

(Argentina Waters was also featured on Fly Rod Chronicles.)


Arroyo Tecka – It’s a the small water angler’s dream and a true gem  in the realm of dry fly fishing in Patagonia, Argentina. A carefully managed spring creek than flows 15 miles through the private estate. Spot and stalking big Browns with dry flies is the name of the game.
Gin Clear Rio Corcovado – The picture-perfect Corcovado runs 70 miles through Estancia Tecka’s 435,000 private acers.  The first two times I fished it are cemented in my memory; Chernobyl Ants were irresistible to big Rainbows hiding beneath protruding boulders on the upper river and targeting trophy Brook Trout on small leeches on the lower section. Floating the Corcovado inside the ranch with knowledgeable guides is the best of both worlds.
Reunite With Head Guide, Martin Weaver – Martin and I go back 26 years and his humor and wit are unforgettable. He’s what Argentines would call a personaje. American’s think of him as a phenomenal fishing guide you’d want to introduce to your daughter.
100 Year Old Sheep Ranch – I am fascinated by historical ranches in Argentina. Visiting the sheep shearing shed and just being at the ranch allows for time travel through relics, stories, echoes of the past and connecting with history’s tangible remnants. Sheep ranching here has been refined to the tune of almost a million pounds of wool exported annually. While some anglers give it little attention, I find it to be part of the magic of Estancia Tecka and Patagonia.
Easy Travel- From Argentina Water’s El Fario Lodge, Tecka is only 2.5 hours away by truck and on the return, it’s only 1 hour and 45 mins to the Esquel Airport.

(2 spots left) Learn More – Email or Call  434-249-1783

SAN JOSE LODGE – Mar 16-23

Trophy Sea Run Brown Trout in Small Water – This upper middle section of the river is narrower and shallower than the lower river making fishing it easier. No need to wade past your shins, no long spey casts with clumsy Skagit lines and heavy flies. Lighter flies, lines and rods make each cast enjoyable, yet the fish are still 10-20+lbs. This year, I am using a 7wt, 11.5 ft switch rod.
4 rods on 12 miles – Excellent odds on the Rio Grande. Four rods on 12 miles (both banks) is more water  per angler than Kau Tapen, Villa Maria or either of Maria Behety’s lodges.)
Relaxed Atmosphere- Until recently, the lodge/ranch was Ted Turner’s private estate he visited with family and friends during the peak fishing weeks. The staff catered to him this way for years and that same staff and service is still used today. The experience therefore, is more relax with extra attention allowed to each guest. Special requests are easily accommodated and the staff and kitchen cater to the preferred schedule of each individual guest.
Sheep Shearing Shed Asado – The last day the lodge puts on an asado in the ancient sheep shearing shed were one can witness the old traditional methods and tools of wool production.
(2 spots left)

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    Estancia Quemquemtreu-  Mar 25-29  
    Limay River Ranch-  Mar 30-Apr 4 

Our trip was extended to take advantage the legendary Patagonia Brown Trout fishing that occurs in the fall. Well make a quick stop at Estancia Quemquemtreu to fish the famous Collon Cura River when water levels are down, fish are concentrated and heavily feeding on hoppers. Rainbows are everywhere too but fishing for these hungry Browns from the boat or gravel bars is irresistible.  Any hunters who wish to join can also take advantage of the peak of the rut for Red Stag.

On March 30th, we’ll  transfer south east to Limay River Ranch.  This new lodge has miles of private access to the braided Middle Limay River. This tailwater is by far the best location in all of central and northern Patagonia to chase 23” plus Brown Trout with dry flies and have the best chances at Browns up to 30 inches. These huge Browns are present all season but are more numerous in the fall.
If March 25-April 4 best fits your travel window, give us a call to learn more. We have 4 spots left and it too promises to be fantastic.  434-249-1783

Learn More – Email or Call  434-249-1783

Learn More – Email or Call  434-249-1783

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