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In our last newsletters we categorized lodges into certain criteria. Of those categories, these are the reoccurring themes that are commonly requested from anglers looking for that perfect trip:

Mix of Floating and Wading        Shots are Bigger Trout        

Good Fishing Over Fancy Accommodations

Minimal Cost           Great Food        Remote

Our friends at Argentina Waters offer 3 programs, one of which meets these priorities perfectly.

Argentina Waters is a dynamic outfit that covers the territories of Esquel, Rio Pico and Lago Engano. Most of their trips are based out of their modest yet elegant lodge, Le Fario, nestled on the shore of Laguna Larga about 40 mins outside of Esquel, Patagonia, Argentina. Their typical lodge program focuses on waters in and around Esquel and Los Alerces National Park.

Their second program is called BrookieLandia, targeting big Brook Trout in the Lago Engano area. But their 3rd bonus program is a Rio Pico/Esquel combo and is what best fits the above-mentioned criteria.

Rio Pico is what most would consider remote. It’s a small cow-town in east central Chubut and in the middle of…, well, not much except streams, lakes, plains and rolling, rocky hills. By all accounts, it’s a trout fishing mecca. The streams are public and private, walk and wade and all dry fly friendly.  If you’re not above fishing a lake then you’ll have even better odds of landing a few trophy Rainbows or Browns. On the Rio Pico/Esquel combo, anglers fish Rio Pico for 3 days staying in a basic “casa de campo” style ranch house. The second part of the week is spent back at Le Fario Lodge floating classic Esquel waters such as the Futalefue, Arrayanes, Frey or Rivadavia Rivers

This is a dynamic trip for anglers looking to skip the fancy lodge and go for something outside the box. At less than $6000/angler, it comes with a better price point than most lodges in Argentina.

The lodge owner, Gonzalo and his guides are ultra-focused on the best possible fishing waters each day. They have structured their small operation to be flexible as to where they take their guest and when.  Unlike some larger lodges, they’re never obligated to distribute their guests on local waters they know aren’t fishing well. If for some reason their local waters aren’t producing, they aren’t afraid to relocate their anglers.

As professional chefs, Gonzalo and his wife Laura spend the winter crafting new recipes for the next fishing season.  Their training in French cuisine leads to a kind of French – Argentine fusion, creating delicacies not found in Argentina lodges or restaurants. “Northing complicated, just quality ingredients and the right balance” Laura says. Rest assured, Gonzalo and Laura know a little about fine wines too.

Gonzalo and Laura perfect a few basic concepts that the majority of traveling trout anglers seek.  Their philosophy of excellent service and warm hospitality is why they enjoy a high rate of repeat clientele.

So, if you are trying to decide where to fishing in Patagonia, Contact US to learn more about Laura and Gonzalo and Argentina Waters.

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