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For those in the know, Estancia Tecka is considered a world-class trout fishing destination. It maybe off the beaten path, but savvy anglers who have experienced it find it special and return frequently. Most adventurous anglers aren’t familiar with it so it’s still considered Patagonia’s Best Keep Secret. This season, we are making a stop at Estancia Tecka Lodge on week 3 of our 4 Week Patagonia Trout Fishing Odyssey. Contact us to learn more.

Between the crystal-clear Corcovado River and the Tecka Spring Creek, there are 96 private miles of water that is carefully looked after to maintain their Blue Ribbon status. Most of the fishing is with dry flies and there are even times when mouse patterns are appropriate. The mid-sized Corcovado River is fished from drift boats with ample opportunities to get out and wade.  Brown Trout enthusiasts will find endless sight fishing opportunities stalking big sipping Patagonia Browns on the intimate Tecka Creek and blind casting streamers and terrestrials for heavier Browns and Brook Trout in the scattered remote lakes. Below is a gear list for fishing at Tecka.


This is a 435,000-acre working sheep ranch (80,000 head) founded in 1910 that holds it’s own mountains, valleys and rivers and lakes. Aside from the modern accommodations, this place is unchanged and feels very much last the last frontier. Picture Monana 70 years ago and you’ll get the idea. From the town of Esquel, you’ll drive an hour to the tiny remote pueblo of Tecka and then drive 30 mins on a gravel road to get to Estancia Tecka’s entrance gate. From the gate, it’s another 30 mins through the property on a gravel road to get to the lodge.

While anglers don’t come here for the food, it is equally memorable. Appetizers may be warm nan bread, avocado dip, prosciutto, fruit skewers and cheese. Dinners are three or four course meals that present and taste like those prepared for only the uber affluent. Tecka’s chef responsible for this cuisine is Peto and his Instagram is worth checking out at peto.cocinero.


If you are able to spend two weeks in Patagonia, ask us about combining Tecka Lodge with some epic fishing in Chile. No flights necessary!

Essential Fishing Gear at Tecka

Rods: 6, 5 and 4 wt with

Reels: Reels should be medium to high quality with working, adjustable drag and balance your rod.

Lines: Forward weighted floating lines for all three rods. Your 6 wt rod should have a spare spool with a 175gr sink tip line.

Leaders and Tippet: 9ft 3x-5x tapered leaders, 3 each. 7ft 1x-2x tapered leaders, 2 each.

Dry flies: Attractor patterns with rubber legs: PMX’s, Stimulators, Turk’s Tarantula, Chernobyl Ants, Hoppers, Beetles (sizes 12-8, quantity 3-4 of each in a variety of colors) Be sure to add a couple mice patterns to your box as well.
Royal Wulff, Irresistible, Humpy, Black Nat, Elk Hair and Goddard Caddis, Parachute Adams and like mayfly patterns (sizes 18-12, 16 being favorite, quantity 3-4 each)

Streamers: Wooly Buggers with or without flashabou, rubber legs and beadheads (BH); olive, black, white, brown, brown and yellow; BH or weighted Rabbit Strips or Bunnies, similar colors, yarn or seal fur leeches similar colors including red. (size: 10-6, quantity: 3-4 of each)

Soft hackle wet flies:  Any typical pattern like a Peacock, Yellow and Black – beadhead preferred. Quantity: 4 or more assorted.

Nymphs: Nymphs should be an assortment with and without BH and rubber legs.  Prince, Hare’s ear, tan, green, black; Pheasant tail; Sparkle Caddis Emergers, various mayfly emergers.  Size: 14-18, quantity 3-4 of each.

Note: Take all your favorite trout flies.

Space at Tecka is hard to come by without advance planning. If you’d like to experience Estancia Tecka reach out today! There are only a few weeks left in 2023 that have space and March 9-16 on our 4 Week Fishing Odyssey is one of them.

Contact us at jcampa@flyfishingpatagonia.com or 434-249-1783


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