7 Things to Consider When Planning a Trip

Every angler has their own list of considerations when planning a trip. Here are just 7 that pertain to most international trout anglers.

Booking Flights
As of now, you can get to from the US to Buenos Aires or Santiago for $1250-$2000, but seats are already limited and prices ticked up this past week. Getting your flights as soon as possible will ensure fares fall inside your budget. When you book with us, we’ll put you in touch with a travel agent specializing in flights to and within South America who will make the entire process considerably easier than booking with online.

Best Time to Come or Best Lodge/River
Without consulting an unbiased expert, the best time to come or the best lodge/river is a fantasy.  The Patagonia region is taller than the US with diverse ecosystems throughout and a 6 month fishing season. It’s no wonder that a river that fishes well one month will be slow another month and a month when the fishing is good in one area isn’t the ideal month for peak fishing an hour away.  Understanding not only the attributes of the 30 plus quality fishing lodges but also how the fishing changes throughout the season takes years of having a constant finger on the pulse.
If you know when you’d like to travel, experts like us will lay out options for that time period that fit your style of fishing and type of trip. If you can travel anytime in Nov-April, we would save you hours of research by quickly narrowing down the best options for your criteria.

Availability At Your Preferred Lodge(s)
Here lies perhaps your biggest concern when planning. Out of the many lodges we represent, typically, only 2-3 will meet your preferences and time frame. When they are full, you need to make compromises or try again next year with more advanced planned. Ideally, you should start planning more than 12 months in advance. Some lodges are already full for the 2023-2024 season and taking reservations for 2025. This also relates to the next point to consider….inviting others to join you…

Inviting Your Friends & Family
Like you, we too prefer to travel and fish with our friends and family. But when you are the Trip Organizer, you’ll be herding cats. It’s also risky because you’ll probably be waiting a long time for everyone to clear their calendar which inevitably results in you losing your preferred lodge and/or dates to other anglers who were ready to commit. Remember, if the lodge books just one of the 4 open spots you need for your group of 4, that week is now to eliminated your options.

Here’s how you leverage us to mitigate your efforts.
-Call us to narrow your focus on lodges and dates
-We’ll create summary which you’ll forward to others inviting them to join you.
-When you copy us on a group email, we’ll answer questions directly for all to see.
-If they can’t confirm by a certain date, move forward without them while you can!
When they see you commit, they’ll be more likely to book soon after.

Taking A Friend’s Recommendation
We all want the opinion of our trusted friends, but their recommendation should be cross referenced with an expert in that region.  Several months ago, a gentleman told me he was planning his first trip to fish Patagonia with other couples. Just the other day, I saw him and asked how the planning was going and he got all excited saying they were booked and showed me the itinerary.  As their first-time experience in Argentina they’ll probably have a great time.  But, when it comes down to great fishing, any seasoned agent specializing in Patagonia trout fishing would not have recommended those lodges on those particular dates. Your research should include unbiased expertise from some like us. Plus it’s free.

Packing Gear
Pack it all in checked bags, even fly lines or an empty reel.  This will save you trouble when flying domestically. We’ll provide you with a gear list for your destination as you’ll want to be self-sufficient.  Although some lodges have waders and rods to rent or loan, it’s best not to count on the lodge or guide to provide all your flies, tippet and leaders.

Landing In Country
After an overnight flight, you’ll land in Buenos Aires or Santiago depending on which country you are fishing in. If you are fishing in Chile, once you land in Santiago you don’t have to change airports to fly elsewhere in Chile. If you are spending the night in Santiago, you can simply get a taxi to your hotel.

Learn how we help make the planning process efficient and easy.
Call us at 434-249-1783 or send us an email with your ideas.

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