Lovin’ The Late Season

If your only time to escape this winter is March and/or April, you’re in for a real treat. While most anglers target the peak summer months of the January and February, March and April provide noteworthy advantages that those anglers are missing.

Argentina Sea Run Brown Fishing

January and February anglers on the Rio Grande and Rio Gallegos enjoy warmer temperatures and a few more chromed fish than those fishing in late March and April. However, the late season months usually provides more consistent numbers. This was the main reason Mel Krieger preferred April. The fish are still fresh and they are plentiful because all the migrating sea trout will be in the river at this time. With lower water levels, the pools have a higher concentration of fish so you are most likely to hit a hot pool and get a dozen takes.  The Rio Gallegos is a prime April fishery as it typically has a late season run and it’s resident Brown Trout are more aggressive in the fall. On the Rio Grande, Kau Tapen Lodge and San Jose Lodge on the middle, upper middle sections are excellent choices during the tail season as these giant trout are jockeying for positions in the smaller pools. There are always some fresh chromers around in the fall, but a Sea Run with it’s spawning colors are more spectacular looking than when they are bright silver. Fishing the late season also means you’ll avoid the higher peak season rates on the lodges and flights.

Golden Dorado Fishing

In most cases, Dorado fishing depends more on the weather and river conditions then on the month. The weather reads no script in this northern region and therefore, your chances of hitting it right or wrong are equal across the Nov-April Good Dorado fishing season.  Going in January or February is akin to fishing the Bahamas in July, when the humidity requires anglers to conserve energy and drink plenty of water. However, in April, there is less humidity and temperatures drop to a very comfortable 70-80 degrees while everything else remains the same.

Patagonia Trout Fishing 

The pre-spawning month of April brings in the crisp air, popping multi-colored foliage, beautiful big aggressive Brown Trout and precious solitude. This is hopper season when any well-presented terrestrial will draw the attention of aggressive Brown Trout.  It’s also time to swing streamers for 5-15lb Browns that migrate from the lakes to spawn. Hot rivers are the Limay, Chimehuín, Collon Cura, Malleo and the Manso, where the scenery is spectacular and the majority of anglers are gone. When you combine all these elements, fall trout fishing in Patagonia is simply magic.

You probably love the fall at home. Why not experience 2 falls this coming year? The first one could be you enjoying great fishing and beautiful scenery in Argentina!

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