Fishing Reports – La Buitreras, Weeks 9-12, 2022

Las Buitreras Lodge 2022 Fishing Reports
Weeks 9-12
By: Felix Hansvencl 

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Las Buitreras Lodge
Feb 26- Mar 2, 2022   Week 9

And just like that we’re leaving the peak summer months of January and February behind us and head into March. The month of March at Las Buitreras usually means more water coming down from the Chilean mountains, blessing the Rio Gallegos with some excellent water conditions as well as huge schools of fresh fish entering the river system. This season seems to be no exception.

This week we welcomed some old friends from the USA and UK. The American team consisted of Sonya, Andy, Kim, Dan, Dayne, and Vance. All Buitreras veterans except for Vance who visited us for the first time. In addition we had longtime guest and friend Kerry from Ireland making the journey across the sea. We were also fortunate to welcome Gary Scott from Scotland with his mates Nick and Gary Stuart, both first time visitors here. Although this was the first time here for Gary Stuart, he felt he had already been here in spirit as he had been forced to listen to stories about Las Buitreras from his dad for years. Gary arrived as a man on a mission: “beat my dad’s record”. Nick, familiar with seatrout fishing from spending several years fishing Rio Grande, arrived a couple days earlier for a couple warm up days in Zone Zero before his week at the prime beats of Las Buitreras.

A few days with strong winds early in the week stirred up the water and gave it some color which meant we were fishing yellow yummies and bigger flies in general. A nice change from all the small nymphs we have been fishing primarily throughout the season. Having said this, all of our clients handled fishing in the wind well and often these conditions actually get the fish even more active, allowing for some excellent sessions as long as the wind is from the right direction, so that you’re able to cover the pools properly. Sonya, a regular here at the lodge since 2003, was handling all the different conditions like a champ all week long and consistently hooking into fish of all sizes. One of her more memorable fish came early in the week when she fished Lawson pool. After letting her yellow yummie sink for an extra couple of seconds through the sometimes complicated backwaters at the bottom of the pool, she had a full stop as soon as she started to strip the fly. A second later she was greeted by an explosion of water and a screaming reel. Several runs, jumps, and nerve wrecking seatrout headshakes later she was locking eyes with a near perfect 19,5 lbs fish.

One pool up from Lawson pool we had Dayne fishing Machaka while Sonya was busy fighting her fish. Doing his best to keep up with Sonya, Dayne also managed to hook and land a double digit fish. A perfect double to close the session. On another note: thank you Sonya for the candy supply! It should last us until the end of the season!

Andy and Kim, coming to Las Buitreras since 2004, had a great time together on the water, as usual. Andy did impressively fish with an injured foot all week long and got rewarded with some nice seatrout, including a cracking 16 lbs fish on his single hand bamboo rod in Lawsons pool, which was one of the hottest pools of the week. Kim was into fish from day 1 and kept on landing fish all week long. Something we have gotten used to with Kim over the years. Dan and Vance also got their fare share of personal encounters with the elusive Argentinian sea-run brown trout, both landing a beautiful 12 lbs sea run each as well as several more in the same range and smaller.

Our UK trio of anglers were inseparable throughout the week and decided not only to share all the whisky but also the fishing on a daily basis. For them it was more important to share the moments and celebrate each landed fish together rather than fishing on their own. Nick, famous DJ and producer, had his most memorable day on the last day while fishing Upper 1 and Chrillos pool when he hooked four fish in four casts. His personal best for the week (17,6 lbs) was caught in Lawson’s pool on a heavy nymph. Two days later Gary Scott fished this same pool and same spot, using the same technique as Sonya, Andy, Nick, Kerry, and several others had done earlier in the week. Cast, upstream mend, count to 6, striiip and ON! Of course he caught his biggest fish not only for the week but a new PB; a solid 18 pounder. This pool just couldn’t stop producing fish this week.

Our good friend Kerry started his trip with landing a 16 lbs chrome fish in Lawsons pool and he kept on being on a big fish mission, landing another 18 lbs and 17,5 lbs seatrout during the week. Having the experience of past seasons in your pocket usually helps and Kerry showed he didn’t forget how to tame the sea runs! Sven and Toni, here for their second out of three weeks for the season, were hunting resident browns in Zone Zero and were catching fish all over the place using both double and single handers. They will be here for one more week on the regular Las Buitreras beats, so let’s see what they will be up to next week.

Stats of the week
Biggest sea-run brown trout landed: 19,5 lbs by Sonya P from USA
Top rod of the week: Kim N from USA and Gary S from UK with 11 sea-run brown trout landed each
Number of fish over 10 lbs: 29
Average size: 9,3 lbs


Las Buitreras Lodge
Mar 2-9, 2022   Week 10

We mentioned in our last week report that March usually brings more water. Well, here we go. It was Saturday and we saw a river that came up around 50-60 cm, back to a great water level and a near perfect, dark tea color. We were obviously more than excited to present this news to our group during the briefing on Saturday, anticipating some great fishing the next few days. The group this week was a mix of anglers from Poland, Sweden and Germany.

Fishing started a little slow on day 1, quite common after a big rise, but we still landed a couple of really nice fish up to 17 lbs. From Sunday on we experienced what most of us dream of when going on a trip like this. It all started with an aha-moment when fishing upper zone 1 and seeing several fish following our flies but not really committing or taking the flies properly. We had several “shark moments”, when you see a big bow wave behind your fly, leading to near heart failure every time and expecting a hard bite, but then nothing. We then decided to try a sunray shadow on one of the rods and this was the start of some of the craziest action we have seen this season. In bright sunshine and windless conditions a fish came up and smashed the fly right away on the first cast! After landing it the action continued with almost every cast and it didn’t take long until all guests had a sunray on their leader. During the next couple days, every strip with a sunray on had you hold your breath. An truly amazing experience. One of our guests that was lucky to experience what he described as “the session of a lifetime” was Maciej from Poland. Maciej, here with his lovely wife Joanna both enjoyed three days of fishing in Glencross the week before, where Joanna managed to catch her first ever seatrout! Congratulations Joanna!

The session that changed everything for Maciej happened in zone 2 one evening. After a slow first hour of fishing he decided to change his nymph for a big Sunray Shadow before walking down to the pool La Recta to make his first cast. As soon as the fly landed a big brown trout smashed the fly, trying to kill it with his body weight before disappearing under the surface. The fly kept swinging and 5 seconds later another fish attacked the fly without properly biting. Another 3 seconds of just swinging the fly and a seatrout went all in, grabbing the fly before taking to the air. This time the fish was on and Maciej could land a beautiful double digit fish. The session ended with Maciej landing 5 fish, the biggest 14 lbs, losing three fish, and having at least another dozen strikes and attacks. Cause for a proper celebration in the lodge that evening.

Another great episode that week happened to Sven, now into his third week straight at the lodge with us. Sven and Toni were back fishing the main beats after a week at Zone Zero where they mainly focused on resident browns. Tony, an avid trout fisher back home in Europe was still walking on air after several sessions in Zone Zero with 10 plus fish and several over 5 lbs.

On this particular evening, Sven was zeroed in, fishing Zone 2 like a machine, cast after cast but no action. Nothing moved, nothing nibbled on his fly. It was approaching the famous last light hour when they arrived at La Recta. With the wind blowing directly in their faces, the guide decided to fish the pool from the opposite side of what we normally do. A big Sunray, tied just before the trip by Svens fishing partner Toni, was on and Sven started stripping line out. His first cast, a short one for a change for Sven who normally hits the other bank and then some, to cover the closer part of the channel. First strip, second str…..Boom! He was on…and boy was he on. The fish was stripping the line of his reel like it had a hot date waiting in the ocean because this fish was not stopping. After pulling at least 50 meters of backing of the reel it finally decided to go for a big jump before heading back upstreams. Sven couldn’t believe it was still on and was trying to keep the tension on the line and breath at the same time (we’ve been told it’s called multi tasking). The guide confirmed immediately: “ Yes, that’s a big fish my friend! And the good news is, no weed lines or big rocks in the run so take your time”. Several jumps later and with the light fading fast, the fish got closer and somehow the guide managed to land the fish on the first attempt. When the fish was in the net, the hook fell out of the fish’s mouth, as if the fishing gods wanted this one in the net. A stunning 21 lbs hen fish, Svens biggest sea trout to date and one to remember for a very long time! Well done buddy, you deserved this one. For Toni there were a few more sea trout waiting this week as well and he landed a few really nice double digit fishes. Thank you for leaving us some of your beautiful and more importantly “deadly effective” Sunrays Toni.

Our Swedish duo Leif and Lennart made their acquaintance at Stockholm airport for the first time where they started the journey to Rio Gallegos together. For Lennart this was not the first time here at Buitreras, so he was already aware of what to expect for the upcoming week. Leif on the other hand, was here for the first time and couldn’t have been more excited about the river and way of fishing, which is very different to what sea trout fishing means on the Swedish coast. Both Lennart and Leif landed some amazing fish during the week, learning the different tricks very quickly. Lennart most likely remembers his last session in Zone 1 very well when he hooked several fish with his own Magnus shrimp fly and landed a beautiful 11 lbs sea trout in Turning bank. Leif started the week with landing a couple smaller ones to get properly warmed up before adding size and weight to his fish consistently during the week. On day 5 he landed a stunning 14 pounder in Cogedero, adding to his week total of 13 fish. Well done Leif.

Last but not least, we had Horst from Germany, who also visited us for the first time. Horst had  been dreaming about Las Buitreras for years but wasn’t sure if he had the necessary skills to do it as he was a beginner with spey casting and double hand rods. He finally decided it was time to try it and boy are we happy he did. During the start of the week he worked hard on his spey casting which paid off when he landed his first ever sea trout in Molino run on the second day of fishing. Mid-week while fishing Kitchen pool during a stunning sunset he landed his second fish, a nice 9 lbs fish in very challenging but beautiful conditions. Those of you who have visited us here know what we are talking about. Then, on Friday, the last day of fishing, something magical happened. Fishing the famous pool Little Corner, being very content with his casting and happy about his development as a caster over the week, Horst third short strip got interrupted by a hard pull and as always is the case, line was flying out in no time. Horst, still not fully understanding what was going on, raised his rod and stumbled backwards with bent knees, trying to offset the violent ripping of line in the water. Luckily the settings of the break had been checked with the latest fly change or we would have been left with a broken leader and a proper bird’s nest in that reel. Approximately 15 minutes later the guide was able to net the second biggest fish of the week: a whopping 20 pounder. Turned out taking a gamble and coming here without any previous experience with a double hander paid off. We’re so happy for your Horst! You earned that fish.

The stories that are written here at Las Buitreras are always unique and full of surprises. Never give up, stay positive, and you will be rewarded. What a week. Now we can’t wait to see how the next couple of days with this water will play out!

Stats of the week
Biggest sea-run brown trout landed: 21,3 lbs by Sven R from Germany
Top rod of the week: Leif G from Sweden with 13 sea-run brown trout landed
Number of fish over 10 lbs: 18
Average size: 8,3 lbs


Las Buitreras Lodge
Mar 9-16, 2022   Week 11

As we’re approaching the last month of the season here at Las Buitreras, days are getting shorter and the colors of the trees and surroundings are changing into beautiful autumn decorations. In terms of the fishing, this part of the season means shorter siestas to make the most of the afternoon and evenings. Big runs of fresh fish are still hitting the river, making March a perfect month for anglers hoping to mix their catch up between fresh chromers and colored, mean looking fish that’s been in the system for a while.

This week’s group was hosted by Glenda and Noel from Ireland who brought a mixed group of anglers from the US, Ireland, UK, Sweden and Germany, Most of them visiting us at Las Buitreras for the first time. The feeling of not knowing what to expect is a good one and we love introducing new clients to our unique fishery down here in southern Patagonia.

Due to strong winds we started the week with rather colored water, which as everyone knows by now means a chance to fish our beloved Yellow Yummies, Green Lanterns, and other larger flies. A great first day intro to the wild side of southern Patagonia for our new guests. Luckily, these winds usually just stay for a day and then disappear. As we’ve mentioned several times in our former reports, these conditions can produce some very good fishing as long as you manage to cover water, and this time was no different. Our Swedish duo Leif and Lennart were in peak form after a week at Las Buitreras and were now trying Zone Zero for an extra three days before flying back to Sweden mid week. Lennart needed no introduction to these new waters and went straight to work. Not deterred one bit by the strong winds he went for a Yellow Yummie when fishing Office Pool and was instantly rewarded with a solid 18 lbs fish!

Austin from Atlanta, here for the first time with the ambition to learn spey casting and hopefully catching one of the monstrous sea-run browns found down here, wasted no time. Even though Austin arrived with more or less zero experience with a double hand rod he was a natural and picked it up lightning fast. Starting his week in Zone 4 with winds humbling even the most experienced southern Patagonian anglers, the pool options were quite limited. Eventually the choice fell on Puesto, and more specifically the lower part of the pool where the wind was somewhat favorable allowing him to cover the pool properly. Armed with a chartreuse streamer he waded out in the waves and started working relentlessly. And 30 minutes later the reward came when he landed a 12 pounder in seemingly impossible conditions. This spurred Austin on and he kept landing fish throughout the week. We would consistently hear him shout “yeah baby” which always made the guide look for the net before realizing Austin was just enjoying the feeling of a good cast and the running line hitting the reel. One of the highlights, apart from improving immensely with his casting, was when he landed a beautiful fresh 15 pounder in Little Corner on a perfect cast, making it even better.

Austin’s fishing partner for the second half of the week, Jake from Flywater Travel, came over to experience Las Buitreras first hand. Being a passionate steelhead angler, he knew how to deal with sea-run fish but an Argentinian seatrout was still missing on his list. Not for long though as he ticked that box on his first session when landing a near perfect 15 pounder in pool 75 on an EMB fly. His most memorable fish from the week however was a solid chromer caught in Little Corner that took Jake deep into his backing several times before finally being landed.

Hermann and Horst, two long time friends from Germany, were also here for the first time. They were celebrating 50 years of friendship and had decided that Las Buitreras was an appropriate destination for such a jubilant occasion. We can’t begin to explain how honored we are to have guests celebrating big occasions with us down here in Argentina. For the rest of the group it was very obvious that these guys were childhood friends and they were constantly pulling jokes on one another. To make things even better they both had some good fishing during the week where the highlight was Horst’s beautiful fish on Day 4. Once again, Little Corner was the pool that delivered and a small Copper John nymph did the trick. We are very happy we could serve you two for this special anniversary!

Our hosts for the week Noel and Glenda spent most of their time socializing with and supporting their guests along the river. Fortunately they also had the opportunity to fish a bit on their own, something Noel, here for the first time as well, capitalized on when he landed a nice fish midweek in Wagon wheel. Noel, being his humble self, instantly called it “the luck of the Irish”, something the rest of us strongly disagreed with.

Glenda, who’s been here before and knows how precious each cast in this river is, was determined to make each and every one of her’s count. After listening to our stories about how efficient Sunray Shadows had been throughout the season, with an almost ludacris amount of action materializing every time we tried it, tied one on at her first chance to fish, and as it turned out it never came off. It probably helped her in her conviction of the fly when she landed a nice fish in Island Stream on her first go. Glenda kept having an insane amount of action every time she had a chance to fish and needless to say, the fly stayed on. As Glenda and Noel will both fish with us next week we are very curious to see how this pans out and whether there will be a change of fly at all. More to come on this.

Another highlight this week was the St Patrick’s day celebrations led by Glenda and Noel. Glenda came prepared with her flute and printed songbooks so that we could all join in on the singing. After a few practice rounds accompanied by several shots of various premium Irish Whiskey and to the amusement of the lodge staff, it was an excited and loud group performing the famous Irish song “ Fiddler’s Green” to the tunes of Glenda’s flute.

Our last couple of fishing partners for the week, Andy and Julian, had a very different background when it comes to fishing but were a great match from Day 1. Andy, who has been traveling around the globe most of his life both as a journalist and avid fly fisherman, had decided to give Las Buitreras a go after fishing several other places in Argentina for sea-run browns. It was obvious from the get go that he was dialed in and landed fish in more or less every session during the week. Julian, arriving here as an absolute beginner in terms of spey casting, was determined that a lack of experience was not going to deter him from visiting Las Buitreras. Instead he listened attentively to directions from both Glenda and the guides during the week and it didn’t take long before he started hooking into and eventually landing fish.

His first fish in the books came on day two when he landed a nice 10 lbs seatrout in Limits pool. Not content just yet, Julian continued by landing an even bigger fish, a beautiful 12 pounder, the following day in Little Corner. A fish to remember for Julian who kept improving all week long and was rewarded throughout his entire stay with plenty of action.

Göran and Håkan from Sweden had started their trip to Patagonia with a three day trip to our add-on program Glencross. They now arrived mid-week for another three days at our other add-on option Zone Zero before taking on the main beats of Las Buitreras. Already tuned in to the conditions of Patagonia and Rio Gallegos, they landed plenty of resident browns along with a couple of sea-runs during their half week in Zone Zero. We’re excited to see them take on Zone 1 to 5 next week.

Stats of the week
Biggest sea-run brown trout landed: 18 lbs by Lennart B from Sweden
Top rod of the week: Andy H / Glenda P / Austin K, all with 9 sea-run brown trout landed each
Number of fish over 10 lbs: 17
Average size: 7,2 lbs


Las Buitreras Lodge
Ma 16-23, 2022   Week 12

Another great week comes to an end, and what a week it was. Not only did we see an exceptional number of fish being landed, 130 seatrout in total, but the way they were caught has really made us think about adjusting our tactics for the upcoming 2023 season. Those of you who have been reading our reports throughout the season may already have an idea of where we are going with this. Yes, we are talking about the good ol classic salmon fly, Sunray Shadow, who now definitely cemented its case as a staple in every anglers fly box when fishing the Rio Gallegos. But more on that later..

The water conditions for the week were great and had finally stabilized for a few days at a level around zero. In terms of color we had that perfect Earl Grey tea color that the fish just seems to love so much. These conditions allow us to fish slightly bigger flies which usually translates into less lost fish. To top it off we had a huge run of fresh fish hitting the system. Popular patterns for the week were Girdle bugs, Yuk bugs, all types of streamers and leeches, and of course Sunray Shadows in various sizes. The group for the week represented the UK, Ireland, USA, Sweden, and Lithuania.

Glenda and Noel, representing Ireland, were here for their second week straight and this week they were part of the normal rotation, meaning full focus on fishing. Glenda, who despite only sparsely fishing the week before still experienced an incredible amount of action during those sessions, decided that this would be a “Sunray only” week for her. Not only did she fish Sunrays all week, she fished the exact same Sunray all week long, and with it she landed 20 seatrout. Glenda’s biggest of the week came at Cogedero where a perfect 15 pounder hammered her fly and more or less went aerial for a full minute. Luckily her partner Noel was there to capture most of it on camera. Noel, when not taking photos of Glenda posing with fish, had a great week on his own and landed several stunning fish in the double digits. One that stands out in our memories was when Noel on his first cast of the day, in glassy, windless conditions, presented his Delphi Collie pattern fly perfectly near the far bank in Little Corner and was rewarded for his excellent casting with a beautiful 12 pounder. A good way to start the day.

Ronan, here for the first time, was ecstatic to finally make it down here. After boarding his flight in London back in March 2020, that was to take him to Buenos Aires via São Paulo, Ronan and all fellow travelers heading to Argentina were suddenly asked to depart the plane before take off when the first covid lockdown in Argentina was enforced. He was ready to go again in 2021 but this obviously didn’t happen either. This time though he was finally going to make it down to Argentina and southern Patagonia to try and master its mythical sea run browns. Well, two days before departure Ronans covid test came back, and it was positive….After the initial shock and realization that he was going to miss out on Las Buitreras for a third time straight, we were able to move Ronan to a later week in the season and now at long last…Ronan was setting foot in the lodge. You could see the excitement in his eyes when he was walking around in the Estancia, studying the map of the river, sipping Malbec, and just taking it all in. When it came to fishing we were all curious to see what mother nature would throw at him, if Karma is truly a thing, or if he was going to have to work for it. Later that evening we had the answer: five fish landed the first day for Ronan, the biggest one caught in Little Corner and weighing in at just under 13 lbs. A great start to a long overdue trip and the wine and whisky shared that evening tasted bloody good. Ronan’s highlight of the week however was not the Malbec that was served that night. Fishing the bottom part of Lawson pool with his smaller switch rod, the part with the tricky back eddy making your line go in all kinds of directions, he was just done counting to 8 to make sure the fly was in the right spot before making his first strip. And right on cue Ronan’s first strip was interrupted by a hard strike resulting in a deep bend in his light rod. After an initial standoff where nothing really happened, the fish suddenly had enough and took off like a race car down stream. Things got very real and very exciting as the guide had a hard time containing his excitement when realizing the size of the fish. Ronan however kept his cool, followed the fish all the way down to La Recta where he was able to land a stunning 19 pounder. This fish also turned out to be the biggest landed of the week. We’re not gonna say it was worth three years of waiting but not far off.

Ronan’s fishing partner Andy, here for a second week straight, was enjoying every minute here in Patagonia. Apart from being a highly talented angler and just a fantastic human being, Andy had some amazing stories from his years as a correspondent with Reuters and at times it was hard to stop enquiring him about everything that went down during his years in Africa, Russia, and more. In terms of fishing Andy kept being successful, just like during the previous week, and landed plenty of gorgeous fish including a nice 12 pounder in Bridge pool that fell for a copper John.

As an extra treat this week, we had the pleasure and privilege to welcome our very good friends Michael and Jordan from the US back to the lodge. Michael, here for the second time this season and god knows what time overall, needs no introduction to anyone who’s been following our reports over the years. Together with his partner in crime Jordan, they are an unstoppable force that lights up their surroundings at all hours of the day. These guys know how to have a good time and make the most of everything that is on offer at Las Buitreras. One moment you see them on the couch, sharing stories with the group, the next they are in the kitchen, joining the staff for some laughs and a cooking show down, only to move on to the fly tying table to whip up a couple goodies. Muhammad Ali himself would be impressed by Jordans ability to float around the lodge like a butterfly, dropping positive vibes and making people laugh and smile in his presence. And even though these two may be the most relaxed fishing duo we have visiting during the season, never on time for a session and always enjoying just being on the river, they do manage to get a few casts in every now and then, usually with great results. Jordan, a great caster and experienced steelhead angler should be added, always catches a great number of fish and this time was no different. One of his standouts was a perfect 15 pound male from Outer Limits that took the fly on a classic steelhead swing. Another great moment was when Jordan was fishing Lawson pool and in the middle of telling Rick how he had never had a fish there, was interrupted by a big thug only to see a nice 10 pounder take straight to the air. To make sure his fishing partner wasn’t going to lose this one, Michael came running full steam all the way from La Recta, his own net in hand, to assist our guide with the netting. That poor fish never had a chance with two nets chasing it around half way out in the pool.
Michael himself knows this river as well as anyone and had his fair share of fish when he actually decided to fish. One of those came in Little Corner on a leech pattern called Silver Shadow, a fly that was very successful this week.

Austin, now armed with a full week of spey fishing experience, was oozing with confidence each time he stepped into the water. The progress he made with his casting was almost hard to describe but it was very gratifying to watch him cover pool by pool these last three days. One of his nicer fish this last half week came at the iconic Kitchen pool. After a perfect cast right below the big rock that everyone that has fished here is familiar with, a stunning chromer took his fly and went right up in the air. 10 minutes later the fish was in the net and Austin could let out yet another roar of relief and happiness. We can’t thank Austin enough for his enthusiasm and commitment and dedication to spey casting during these 10 days, and we’re excited to see you again next season. David, Austins fishing partner for the first three days came to Buitreras after spending a week at Glencross where he mainly chased resident browns with a 5 weight single hander in the tributaries, was now ready to try out some spey fishing for the searun browns at Las Buitreras. Even though David had managed to hook a couple bonus searun’s on his single hander up in the tributaries at Glencross, he knew this was going to be very different. Being eager to learn, David improved his casting quickly. The most memorable session for David came mid week when he landed no less than three fish in one session. The biggest weighing in at 12 lbs. Well done David. We know this trip was long overdue for you and we are glad you finally made it.

Our Swedish team and Argentina regulars, Göran (Mr. Sunray) and Håkan (Mr. Single Hand), after three days in Glencross and three days in Zone Zero, were finally ready to start their week in the regular Las Buitreras beats. It didn’t take them long to land their first couple of fish after experiencing some thrilling fishing with Sunray Shadows. It wasn’t a Sunray however that would land them their biggest fish of the week. Instead it was classic nymph patterns that helped Håkan catch a 13,5 pounder, while Göran landed a 17 pounder in Kitchen. Well done guys and thanks for joining us for 2 weeks down here in Patagonia.

Marius, joining us from Lithuania, arrived mid week for three days in Zone Zero before his week at Las Buitreras. Marius has been here several times before and started catching double digit fish as soon as he hit the river. But more than anything Marius was over the moon to be back and experience the solitude and vastness of the patagonian plains. Welcome back Marius and we’re excited to see what next week brings.

Stats of the week
Biggest sea-run brown trout landed: 19 lbs by Ronan B from Ireland
Top rod of the week: Glenda P from Ireland with 20 sea-run brown trout landed
Number of fish over 10 lbs: 26
Average size: 7 lbs


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