Worried Angler Returns Home Happy

After waiting until a week before their flight to Argentina, our two previously worried UK anglers returned from Tierra del Fuego very happy (and healthy.)


Resting in BA, ready to venture out for last Argentine supper!

I just wished to formally say thank you to you both for your help and support in making this trip so enjoyable. This was visit number 7 to EMB, and despite the inevitable worry and hassle of dealing with the situation we all face, we both thoroughly enjoyed our time in TDF. Very much hope that you will allow us to return next year, I think our behavior was well judged?

Fishing week 1 was tougher that I have ever experienced, but even so, we have both left Rio Grande with over 30 fish landed, and of course, even more so, the memory of those brutes that have bettered us! I know it’s impossible to be certain, but I believe I hooked and lost 6 fish which would have been over 20 pounds, and annoyingly, all of them after playing them for some time and actually seeing 3 of them and verified by the guides.

Ropo, staff and guides as good as ever. Victoria has stepped into Heather’s legendary role with ease, and she was always willing to help and arrange matters.

Logistics were great Justi, and we especially appreciated your patience when we were so concerned that the travel restrictions might change. Also having Alex here on the ground has just been terrific, and we have the chance tomorrow to thank him again when he delivers us to the airport

Many thanks again. Hope you continue to be spared the worst of this dammed illness.

Best wishes, PF

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