9 Rewards for Booking Early (One being a free rod)

In our last newsletter we discussed a few exciting last minute trip ideas that offered great fishing during the less traveled months of March & April.  Last minute trips are for anglers who can’t book early, don’t have a long list of requirements or just have a wild hair to tame.  However, unless you are lucky, a last minute trip to one of our destinations during the high travel months of December -February may require you to compromise on dates, location, trip length, # of travelers, etc.

Unfortunately, planning a trip with us 6 months out is still considered late.  In fact, unless you aim to travel during our shoulder seasons you are n minute.  For the best booking and trip experience, start planning 12 or more months in advance, especially if you require specific parameters and wish to travel between December and February.

When you book 12 months out for any month of the season, you‘ll be rewarded with:

  1. Your Preferred Travel Dates
  2. Your Friends/Family Joining You
  3. Availability at the best Lodges/Outfitters
  4. Lower Airfare
  5. Accommodated Special Request
  6. Stress Free Planning and No Compromises
  7. Paying Slowly Over Time
  8. Time to thoroughly prepare and Practice with Your New Rod!
  9. A Brand New TFO Premium Fly Rod !

Whether you book last minute or 2 years in advance we have the knowledge and network to put you in a great spot with prime fishing.  But when possible, reward yourself with the benefits of booking early. And get a free rod on us to boot!

(One free rod will be mailed to anglers who book a 7 night trip between Jan 1 – Apr 31, 2021. Surcharge applied to some models)

Call us and start planning now!


San Huberto & Tipiliuke Lodge Combo
Trout fishing northern Patagonia

Fly fishing two of Argentina’s iconic dry fly rivers, the Malleo and Chimehuín. These private and prolific waters run crystal clear through the awe inspiring Patagonia Steppe.  By day, target big trout on foot or float with expert guides and by night indulge in the renowned hospitality and refined cuisine that these two estancias are known for. These two properties and fisheries complement each other perfectly.

Length: 8 nights/7 days fishing (4 nights at each lodge)
Good Time:  Dec-Feb
When to book:  Now!
Estimated Rate:  $8650/ angler
TFO rod to request for this trip6wt, 9ft  BVK


Expedition/ Lodge Combo 

Sleep under the southern cross for a few nights and then pamper yourself at a cozy lodge – and of course fish blue ribbon streams by day. This is our most popular trout fishing trip in Patagonia because it mixes a little bit of adventure with luxury. On the Wilderness Fishig Expedition portion we will fish the Chimehuín, Caleufu or Collon Cura Rivers – whichever is fishing the best when you get there. At the end of each day on the float, you’ll arrive into a deluxe camp already set up.  Wine and appetizers waiting.  To finish out the week, you’ll fish a variety of rivers close by the lodge

Length: 10 nights/9 days fishing
Good Time:  Dec-Feb
When to book:  Now!
Estimated Rate:  $6500/ angler
TFO rod to request for this trip6wt, 9ft  BVK


3 Rivers Trout Fishing Expedition
Trout fishing northern Patagonia
 (100% Dry Flies!)

This is a popular trip featuring three Big Brown Trout rivers, the Chime, Collon and lower Limay.  December through early February on these waters is a good time to put away the streamer box and pull out those ugly foam bugs with all the legs.  From a nice hotel in San Martin, we’ll fish the Chimehuín for a day, then spend 2 nights/2.5 days glamping on the Collon Cura River. The trip ends by targeting the 5-10lb migrating Brown Trout on the Lower Limay. There  spend 3 nights at an inn with private chef and fish 3.5 days on northern Patagonia’s #1 trophy trout river.

Length: 7 nights/6 days fishing
Good Time:  Dec-Feb
When to book:  Now!
Estimated Rate:  $4995/ angler (dbl occ)
TFO rod to request for this trip6 wt, 11ft  Axiom II Switch  or 6wt, 9ft  Axiom II-X


Jurassic Lake Lodge
Trophy Trout fishing in southern Patagonia
(Peak weeks for next year are almost gone!)

With Rainbows the size of your leg, it’s no surprise that peak season weeks at Jurassic Lake Lodge have to be booked far, far, far in advance.  Late October through mid-December is the time to be there.  It’s when the Barrancoso River has its best flows and is full of big 5-15 lb Rainbows.  It’s when anyone who’s in the “know” wants to go.  See the few remaining prime dates for 2021 below.

Length: 7 nights/6 days fishing
Good Time:  Early Nov-late Dec
When to book:  Now!  Peak 2021 dates are almost gone!
Rate:  $6990/ angler
TFO rod to request for this trip 6wt, 9ft  or  7wt, 10ft  BVK

Fly Fishing Patagonia has space for 3 anglers this 2020 season.  They are the last rods available in Nov-Dec 2020.   Join us at Jurassic Nov 13-21, 2020!


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