Worlds End Lodge Fishing Report – Jan 3-10, 2020

Worlds End Lodge
Rio Irigoyen Fishing Report
Jan 3-10, 2020   Week 1 

A new season has started at the End of the World!

As always at the beginning of every season the Irigoyen River looks high and clear with very good number of fish into the river system. The first group of fish were already First fish were caught was in mid November which means by the end of December they were in the middle section of our beats in very good numbers.

The main strategy has been chasing the running fish. Only few dark fish where caught, been the majority were fresh fish with less than 24 hours in the river. Sea pool, beat 1 and beat 2 has been working pretty well, and most of the action has been on floating lines with light sink tips, (intermediate and sink 2), and most productive flies has been the traditional Pepe flies, black and silver leech and Wonderbug with white legs -the key to unlock the Irigoyen Monsters. Intruder flies and different types of rubber leg flies work also well, mostly in the sea pool.

It was a pleasure to receive wonderful anglers as Tim and James from the States, also John from UK was here and also our friend Cristian from France.


Of course, because of the kind of water we fish at the Irigoyen (pockets, pools full of logs, small water), we miss some fish, but finally we landed 40 sea trout for the week. Best fishes were between 12 to 17 pounds, and John manage to land a 22 pounder, in the famous Arbolito pool. We miss the last day of the week, because of the river rising and getting dark. So only 4 full fishing days for the group.

We are looking forward for a promising season; the Run is here and Anglers and guides are ready for the Irigoyen challenge.

Tobi San Martin
Head Guide – WEL Lodge – Irigoyen River

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