World’s End Lodge Fishing Report -Jan 17-24

Worlds End Lodge
Fishing Report on the Rio Irigoyen
Jan 17-24, 2020

Third week of the season and fishing remains firm on the Irigoyen River.

We start the week with very good flow conditions and a lot of activity for fishermen Casey, Steve and Ben. Also our friend Murray who still here enjoying his favorite river for the second week

Steve, a new friend of WEL, a great connoisseur of Sea Trout fishing  (a reference in his country and a representative of Driology), really fishing in a very consistent way during all the sessions, could find beautiful fresh and very fighting specimens. So also his partner Ben, and Casey, who, following the advice and instructions of their guides and working hard, obtained a lot of action and captures for the memory.

Murray, a seasoned fisherman from Irigoyen, remained very connected to the river, managing to capture 34 sea trouts (several between 14 and 18 pounds) taking into account the two weeks he visited us!

Mostly we use rods 7 and 8, at 9.6 and 10 feet, which allows greater control, handling and line correction. Using floating lines and different sinking tips according to each situation, but the Pepefly (nymphs and Leeches) success was assured! Also when starting to lower the flow they performed well some tubes and fly skaters. While we lost some big fish in fights and sticks, we finally closed the week with 52 landed total for the group.

We close the week with good conditions and many fresh fish even entering the system.

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