Fishing and hunting report, Esquina, Corrientes

Our season in Esquina started off with an abundance of water and unfortunately the rains continued through much of May, dampening the Dorado fishing, scattering the ducks and making it difficult to access our dove fields.  Despite the conditions, guests experienced some excellent hunts but not every day like we normally see in May.
Marcott Ducka

Rains subsided in June and conditions returned to normal. But July was hot, too hot! This had minor effects on our duck hunts, no effects on the dove but changed the normal timing of our perdiz hunts. Since dogs do not hunt well in hot temperatures, we hunted Perdiz in the cooler mornings and shot dove or ducks in the afternoons. While not the preferred schedule, our guests did not seem to mind as most hunters limited out or got close to it. But it goes without saying that hunting in temperatures lower than 75 is more comfortable.

The mid 80’s temperatures in July did bring a nice bonus, Awesome Dorado Fishing!  This was the hot spell we tell our booking hunters about; “fishing is slow in the dead of winter but a hot spell will turn them on strong.” The fishing was so good in Late July that a couple groups opted to fish more instead of hunt and we heard comments like “my best day fishing ever!”
Marcott Dorado 5

Our current guests are experiencing perfect weather and limiting out on ducks every session. With favorable conditions forecasted for the next 10 days we foresee the season ending with a strong finish.

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Patterson ducks first day

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