EMB -Rio Grande Report, Mar 21-28, 2015

Estancia Maria Behety Lodge.
Fishing Report Mar 21-28, 2015

64 fish were landed with 7 rods. 9 fish over 15 pounds, 2 of these were over 20 pounds. The average weight was 8.8 pounds.

Fishing was slower this week. The river is dropping a little every day, with clear water. Weather was great, cold the first day and then warm and not windy. Air temperature was between 41° F and 70° F. Water temperature was between 38° F and 53° F.
Rods, lines and tips: 6 to 9 weight spey rods. Skagit heads with T-11, T-14 and T-17 in different lengths. MOW tips are a very good choice to use with Skagit heads.
Flies: Nymphs worked well this week. Red Butt, Aurelia Prince, Prince Nymph, TDF Prince and chartreuse nymphs got the job done. Black wooly buggers, big leeches, intruders and tube flies.

Top Rod
Francisco Catena landed 15 fish.
Notable Catches:
Francisco Catena landed a 26,5 pounder.
John Hudgens landed a 21,5 pounder.

La Villa Lodge at Estancia Maria Behety.
Fishing Report Mar 21-28, 2015

Week number 12 and summertime came to an end here at La Villa de Maria Behety.

This week the brothers Paul and Alan S., their friend Carl B and Chuck D. from the USA, visited us again. John G. from Ireland and Peter M. from Leeds, England, came to La Villa for the first time.

It was a week with ups and downs, with different fishing scenarios, from crystal clear to muddy brown waters, from the nicest stillness, to the strongest persistent winds. We got fish on floating lines and #14 scuds and also with string leaches fished deep with T-17 tips. It is the second consecutive week with a rise on the level of the river, but this time we reached the December level, just like in week #1, but dirty.

Towards the end of the week, the river slowly went down and the water visibility improved. A total of 101 fish were landed of which 26 were 15 pounds or more, we had a great week of fish 20 lbs. or more, 8 stunning “Mamotretos”. The weight was very good,10.03 lbs.

The weather was rainy, sunny, overcast and quite windy, the temperatures were nice, and cooler the last two days, between 17° and 0° C (62° – 32° F).

Paul S. not only was the top rod with 24 fish in a challenging week, he also landed the biggest sea trout, a 23 lb. male. Congratulations!

The fishing was interesting, we had fish on dry flies, riffle hitched tubes on top, and as the river got muddy, big flies fished deep were a must to connect with the fish.

Sinking lines between 2.5ft and 15ft. were the most used.

The Sun-ray Shadow, big articulated leaches, EMB, Tarantula, Aurelia Prince, Egg sucking leech, riffle hitched tubes, Scuds, micro-tubes and small nymphs on strong #12 and #14 hooks were the best flies.

Best wishes,
Federico Zimmermann
Head Guide La Villa de Maria Behety

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