Maria Behety Fishing Report 3/7-14/2015

Rio Grande, Argentina
Sea Run Fishing report at Maria Behety Lodge
March 7-14, 2015

172 fish were landed. 40 fish over 15 pounds, 7 of these were over 20 pounds. The average weight was 9 pounds.

Greg Dixon landed a 25.5 pounder female in Herradura “Horseshoe”Pool.

Fishing improved considerably compared to last week. The week began with the river low and clear. On Tuesday the wind raged up to 82 mph, so the water got dirty for a couple of days. Monday night there was a heavy rain in the mountains. On Thursday, when the river was clearing up after the wind it got dirty again and raised a few inches. I think we needed this; some kind of change in the river. With the river a bit higher the fish moved a little and got more aggressive.

Air temperature was between 41° F and 63° F. Water temperature was between 40° F and 52° F.

Rods, lines and tips: 6 to 9 weight spey rods. Skagit and Scandi with T-11, T-14 and T-17 in different lengths. MOW tips are a very good choice to use with Skagit. For scandi lines polyleaders or versileaders worked well.

Flies: For the first two days nymphs worked very good: EMB, Red Butt, Aurelia Prince, Prince Nymph and some chartreuse nymphs. Then big flies: Yuk Bug, black Wooly Buggers, big leeches, intruders and tube flies.

Top Rods:
Russell Graham landed 25 fish for the week, 6 over 15 pounds and 2 over 20 pounds.

Notable Catches:
Russell Graham landed a 24 pounder and a 21 pounder.
Greg Dixon landed a 25,5 pounder.
Jordan Brodie landed a 20 pounder and a 22 pounder.
Bill Kalm landed a 20 pounder.
Christian Rhode landed a 20 pounder.

Federico Molinolo
Maria Behety Lodge Head Guide


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