Maria Behety, Rio Grande Fishing Report 1/17-24/15

We landed 122 fish for the week. 20 fish over 15 pounds. The biggest was a 20.5 pound male.
Fishing improved this week. The river is getting full of fresh fish.

The river is in excellent condition – low with very clear water, and dropping a little every day. We had wind some days (up to 50 mph).

Air temperature was between 50°F and 77°F.
Water temperature between 50°F and 65°F

Rods, lines and tips: 6 to 9 weight spey rods. Skagit and Scandi lines with medium, heavy and extra heavy mow tips. Floating and intermediate tips were used for some pools.

Flies: Nymphs like EMB, Aurelia Prince, Red-tail, TDF Prince, Green Machine, Titanic, Black and olive wooly buggers. Tube flies like Sunray Shadow, Monkey. Big leeches and intruders moved some fish in the evening and connected.

Top Rod: Gary Dyer, from the US, with 20 fish in the net, four over 15 pounds.

Biggest fish: 20.5 pounds, landed by Duncan Morrison.

Federico Molinolo
Maria Behety Lodge Head Guide

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