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Check out Fly Fishing Patagonia in the cool, new film by Todd Moen in the Oct/Nov issue of Catch Magazine.  The last time FFP was featured in Catch Magazine was in the May, 2009 issue, where Brian O’Keefe presented a photo essay on our Golden Dorado fishing operation in Corrientes, Argentina.  On this trip, Brian stayed home while Todd traveled to Northern Patagonia to film renowned angler/caster Tim Rajeff of Eco Rods and FFP co-owner Oscar Dono fishing the Limay River.  This film has some spectacular aerial shots and demonstrates that streamers are not the only thing effective on this trophy trout river.

Rajeff is no stranger to Patagonia and the Limay River. He recounts this past experience with Fly Fishing Patagonia on the Limay in his recent blog post.  Check it out.

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