Notes from the field – Hunting in Esquina

Three hunters from Pennsylvania hunted with us at La Pelada this week.

July 7
My first ever perdiz with Lady the English pointer who is 13 years old. We ended up with 19 perdiz and one rare perdiz (greater), one snipe. The birds are very fast of the ground, grouse like flushes. The wind was blowing which made hitting them difficult. It took me 32 shells to get 8 birds. I hunted with Lady by my self. Jeff and Bob worked with another English pointer. Beautiful day 55 degree day. 10,000 acres to land to hunt perdiz.
Bob and Jeff got 9 perdiz, one large beautiful Perdiz Colorada and one snipe, all hunting over Lady’s puppy, Willow.

July 8
This morning i alone got  24 teal. Three different species, Brazilian, Speckled, Ringed.  What a fun hunt!  In the afternoon the three of us hunted Perdiz again.  27 perdiz!

Argentina Duck Hunt  24 teal one hunter

July 9
Today’s hunt, 62 ducks, mostly White-faced Tree Ducks, no new species. There are some beautiful ducks here in Argentina. Temps in the 40 degree range. Great duck weather.

July 10
Teal hunt of a lifetime, 85 ducks, just a few were not teal. Most were Brazilian and Ringed. Perfect weather, overcast skies,  temp 45 *. If you love duck hunting, save your money and come hunt with Wing Shooting Argentina at Estancia La Pelada.

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