Estancia Maria Behety Fishing Report, Mar 8-15, 2014

We just finished the week of March 08 – 15, 2014 at Estancia Maria Behety Lodge with the average weight of sea-trout landed at 8.8 pounds.  We had 27 fish over 15 pounds, four of which were over 20 pounds. Biggest fish of the week: 22 pounds.

Top Rods:
Russell Graham was the top rod with 31 fish on the net!!! 6 of those fish were over 15 pounds.
Don Nelson landed 24 fish for the week!

Notable catches:
Bill Kalm landed a 21 pounder.
Don Nelson landed a 22 pounder.
Mike Bay landed a 22 pounder
Rob Rowell landed a 20 pounder.

The week started with the river in great condition. On Sunday and Monday it snowed down at the mountains and by Tuesday, because of the snow melt plus some rain, the river started to rise. It rose about 8 to 9 inches and by Friday and the water turned quite dirty.

The air temperature ranged between 30° F and 55° F.

Water temperature for the week was between 37° F and 46° F – cold early in the morning and warming up by the evenings.

Lines: Skagit shooting heads with different lengths of T-11, T-14 and T-17. Scandi shooting heads and Polyleaders or Versi-leaders work very good when we wanted to fish close to the surface. Monofilament or fluorocarbon 0X to 03X diameter tippets. Tapered leaders 7,5´ to 12´.
Mow tips are a good choice when we need to fish short sinking tips.

Flies: Nymphs at the beginning of the week and then, with dirty water, big leeches, intruders, and tube flies.

Federico Molinolo
Head guide Maria Behety Lodge

Federico Molinolo (Head Guide),
Andrew Martin, Genaro Molinolo, Miguel Angel Zangla, Patrick Green and Nahuel Stauch

Mariana Solveyra

Head Chef:
Mateo Clavera
(former Sous Chef at La Villa Maria Behety)

March 29 – April 05, 2014…..$4,295 (6 rods)
April 05 – 12, 2014…..$4,295 (7 rods)

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