Estancia Maria Behety Fishing Report (January 18 – 25, 2014)

This was a great week at María Behety Lodge with an average weight of 9.4 pounds for the sea-trout we landed. 20 fish over 15 pounds. The biggest were a few 19 pounders.

Alex Pettigrew and Johannes Schonitoff caught one 19 pounder each!

Top Rod: Johannes Schinitoff with 24 fish landed!!

River conditions: River was in excellent conditions until Wednesday afternoon, when after a heavy rain it began to rise and got a bit colored. By Thursday the river started to drop and got clear. On Friday everything improved again, river and fishing.  Water temperature was between 45° F and 55° F.

Weather: Air temperature between 35° F and 63° F. This week we had some very windy days. Wind speed went up to 45 miles per hour.

Lines: Skagit shooting heads with 10´, 12´and 15´ of T-14 and T-17 and 10´of T-11. Scandi lines and Polyleaders or Versi-leaders worked very good when we wanted to fish close to the surface. Monofilament or fluorocarbon 0X to 03X diameter tippets.

Flies: Nymhps were the flies of the week. Red Tail, EMB Rubber Legs, TDF Prince, Aurelia Prince and some chartreuse Nymphs were the best. Also black and olive wooly buggers worked good on windy days. For the last hour of the day big leeches, intruders or tube flies got the job done.

Federico Molinolo
Head guide Maria Behety Lodge

Federico Molinolo (Head Guide),
Andrew Martin, Genaro Molinolo, Miguel Angel Zangla, Patrick Green and Nahuel Stauch

Mariana Solveyra

Head Chef:
Mateo Clavera
(former Sous Chef at La Villa Maria Behety)

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