Cast -n-Blast Special! Dorado & Dove!

Take advantage of this special and come this March, 2014 to enjoy some of Argentina’s best Dorado fishing and high volume dove hunting!

For the dove shooting angler, there is no better adventure than high-volume dove hunting and catching Golden Dorado – and Estancia La Pelada in Esquina, Corrientes is the perfect place to combine both.  Over the past 17 months we have had a lot of rain, replenishing the rivers and crops.  The dove and pigeons are flourishing from rich crops, and the Dorado have more habitat and bait from high, clear water.

March 2014 Special:   Book a 6-7 night Dorado and Dove Cast-n-Blast trip and get up to 20% off your trip!
6 nights, 5 days: $2695
7 nights, 6 days: $2995
(Restrictions apply. Call us at 888.486.8972)

March is the ideal time for this combination.  However, any time from November to late May is a great time to do this cast and blast adventure. Regardless of time of year, the dove will always be here in the millions. The Dorado will too, but they more actively feed with ambient temperatures between 65-90 degrees.

A good schedule is 2 or 3 days shooting and 2 or 3 days fishing, but give yourself an extra day in case of poor weather.  Our drive times to the rivers or fields range from a few steps away  to a 30 minute drive – so you can get great shooting and fishing all from Estancia La Pelada.  We have shotguns and even fly, spin and casting rods available plus any other gear you might need.

Come see us in Esquina this 2014!

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