Limiting out on Perdiz Coloradas!

We are excited to announce that we are finding many of the prized Perdiz Coloradas or Martinetas  (Rhynchotus rufescens).  Last year, 2012, was the first year that our hunters were able to take or at least flush one per day.  Now we are having even better success in
2013.  In fact, almost all our perdiz hunters this May have at least seen 1 Martineta  per outing and several hunters have taken 2 per outing, which is the limit.

These are beautiful wild birds, more than twice the size of a common perdiz.  They have rust colored wings, a large pointed peak and tall legs.   We find them in basically the same areas as the Perdiz and they flush just as well.  Although they are not endangered in north and central areas of Argentina, they have been a rare sighting in Corrientes in the previous years.  We will be protecting our Martineta fields for future hunters to ensure all get to experience such a trophy.

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