Argentina Bird Hunting Report, May 2013

Our mixed bag hunting season opened only 3 weeks ago and the birds are here! We kicked off the season with a group of 11 excellent shooters from the Dominican Republic.  Who knew there was such a culture of bird hunting on the island!   This group hunted dove, pigeon and perdiz.  The pigeon and dove are even more numerous now because its fall and that means harvesting crops such as sorghum and soy.  One could easily shoot 2000 shells in a day but only a couple of the Dominicans got close to 1000 shells per day. Most went much easier on themselves.  The perdiz hunting has been phenomenal as well, with plenty of birds for our Pointers, Bretons to stir up no matter which field we hunt.   Many of you reading this will be happy to hear that Lady is still hunting at age 13.  However, her offspring, Wilah, is somehow even more talented than her parents.  Incredible!  Wilah just might be the best dog you will ever hunt over.

Our lagoons are packed with waterfowl and new species are arriving such as the large Rosey Bills and Silver Teal.  Since opening day our guests have reached their limit of duck and many before 8:30 am.

Currently we have a group of 6 hunters from Wyoming. For the first three days they have been hunting ducks in the mornings and perdiz in the afternoons but today they are fishing for Golden Dorado. Tomorrow half the group will shoot doves and the other half pigeons.  On Friday they depart and we  will receive our 4th group of the season. If this coming group has half the success of our current group, we will see them next year as well. Guaranteed!

Wishing you great hunting,

Justi Campa & Oscar Dono
Wing Shooting Argentina –

Esquina, Corrientes

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