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I’m back home from my trip to Argentina and stay at Rio Manso Lodge. I have to say that it was the best vacation I’ve ever had.  The Argentines are incredibly nice people…Patagonia is spectacularly beautiful…Rio Manso Lodge, Roberto, and the staff were accommodating beyond belief….The food at the lodge was five star excellent…And I can’t say enough about Fly Fishing Patagonia Guide, Martin.  The weather was a little warm, which hindered our catch, but thanks to him we still found trout and I managed to catch every one that the area has to offer (Rainbow, Brown, Brook, and Salmon!!)  Martin was unbelievably accommodating in every way and thanks to his artful skill of teaching, I think I’m now a better fly fisherman.  I will always remember his words…”Up and shoot again my friend.” And if I ever return, I will insist that Martin be my guide and my friend once again.  Whatever you’re paying him is not enough.  

Thank you so much for such an unforgettable experience….  Ron L., Texas, 2013

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