Jurassic Lake Testimonial, Nov 2012


I am on the way back. Sitting in the lounge in the airport.  Jurassic was great, thanks to you and FFP.
So many fish it was incredible.  Almost too many.  I caught this week hundreds of personal records.  The staff, the guides and everything is perfect.  I fished every day for 16 hours. My best silver rainbow was 35,5 inches and very very fat.
The best flies were absolutely the glo bug (egg pattern) in fluro orange, size 5mm,  but I found it boring to use only glo bugs.  They worked best in the spawning areas in the Barrancuso River where fish are tired and colored and stacked in the pools.  I much preferred to fish with streamers in Jurassic Lake and with this method I got the bigger and the real silver fish.  But it was nice to fish with nymphs and dry flies in the Barancuso River.  Fishing this creek after hiking the mountains in the canon was very beautiful and where can you catch trout of 10 pounds and more.  In a mountain creek!  This stream was full of big fish. And to see the attack of such a big fish in that small stream was very exiting.  Another thing was to land such a fish with a 5 weight. With time, I figured out how to effectively do this.  This fishing gave the possibility to test equipment to its absolute limits!
I am coming next year again for sure.  Thank you!

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