Jurassic Lake Report

Report, South Africa Group – 11/17 of November 2012
Number of fish for the week: 1839
Biggest fish of the week: 20,4 lbs

Our second group of the Jurassic season, once more from South Africa, but this time all of them are first timers at Strobel Lake…! Arriving to the camp at 4:30 pm just to drink a beer and go directly to edge of the lake for the first big silver rainbow of Jurassic. This amazing group woke up early to fish a couple hours before breakfast. Weather  all the week was just perfect, sunny and absolutely no wind, making the sight fishing very interesting, trying some dry flies on the surface of the “Cochinos Bay” full of silver and powerful fish. We walked up to the river hooking a lot of fish with the egg or Bombers, trying to improve our technique to catch the big and heavy fish into the pockets in the fast water of the Barrancoso River,  which at this time of the year is full of big fish.

James Blanckenberg from Cape Town said “Jurassic exceeded our expectations, the fishing was beyond belief, the food exceptional and the guides and staff great.”  The Jurassic staff is once more very happy after a great fishing and friendly week!

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