Preparing For Your Fishing Trip

Whether you are doing one of our multi-day float trips, fishing out of a lodge or a combo of both, you need to properly prepare to ensure success.  All our quests get a comprehensive packing list for clothes, gear and flies, but here are some of the basics.

We will help with flights getting in/out of Buenos Aires.  But you must prepay the Argentina Reciprocity Fee before you fly!  This is critical! (Read more)

Trout Fishing in Northern Patagonia – The weather in the western US and Rocky Mountains is relative to Northern Patagonia in that April = Nov, June = Dec, July =Jan, Aug = Feb, Sept = March, and Oct = April.  That means that in Nov, Dec, Mar and April you should expect to have temperatures from 40-90 degrees. January and February are generally 85-90 degrees and sunny.  Since you never know what the weather will bring, bring your cold weather clothes such as, long underwear, fleece hat, rain/wind jacket plus your hot weather fishing shirts and pants. Use a layering system that includes wind/water proof garments.

Sea Trout Fishing in Southern Patagonia – Here the wind blows hard, making it feel 10 degrees colder than it really is.  At all times of the year anglers will need long underwear, waders, waterproof outer shells, windproof inner layer, windproof hat, gloves, neck protection, warm socks and cap stick.

Dorado Fishing in Corrientes – The weather in the semi-tropical region of northern Argentina is similar to Northern Florida. It’s generally 85 degrees and humid, so pack accordingly but bring a light jacket and pants for the evenings just in case.

Trout Fishing in Northern Patagonia – Each angler should have 2 rods. One medium- fast 9ft, 6wt rigged with a 15-24ft 150-200 grain sink tip and a spare spool with floating line.  The other rod should be a medium-fast 9ft, 5wt with a floating line.  Our flies are attractor patterns like Parachute Adams, stimulators, hoppers, wulffs, BH and NBH prince and pheasant tail nymphs, and wooly buggers and matukas. We send out a large list of flies specific to the river you will be fishing. Don’t follow it to a “T”, but make sure you have a good representation of these flies in various sizes. Bring all your trout flies, you never know what might tickle our guide’s fancy or be the fly of the day.

Sea Trout Fishing in Southern Patagonia – Each angler should have 2 rods. One double hand medium-fast 13-14ft 8wt and one single hand medium-fast 9-10ft 8wt. Have a variation of tips for both lines, ranging from floating to heavy sink tips. Sea Run Brown flies are either nymphs or streamers tied on stout hooks. Skating dries will draw a strike but rarely.  Nymphs should be BH with rubber legs, sizes 4-8 and streamers should be dark, with and w/o rubber legs, sizes 2-8. Have different weighted flies to micro adjust for depth.

Dorado Fishing in Corrientes – Each angler should have a medium-fast 8 wt rod. They should have two lines, one floating and one 24 foot sink tip in type IV. Dorado like 4-6 inch bushy flies in many different colors. Some cases your rod may cast these heavy flies better if your line is one number higher then your rod. Flies should be tied on strong saltwater hooks. Leaders should be composed of a section of mono tippet 40, 50, 60 or 80 lbs and wire tippet 30-50 lbs. Be able to cast a heavy fly and sink tip on an 8 wt all day!

Our anglers can count on 3 things.  One- Our guides will be fun, experienced and bust their hump to put you on fish. Two- Our anglers can expect to fish hard, and thoroughly enjoy authentic Argentine accommodations, hospitality, service and food. Lastly, our anglers can expect that the trip we have arranged for them meets their criteria and puts them on the best water for the time they plan to be there.

Yet when it comes to the catching part, your expectations should be conservative. It is true that all our waters hold many trophy fish and 30+ fish days is typical.  The vast majority of our anglers have the right mind-set prior to the trip, which is hoping for good fishing and a great time.  These folks end up with one of the best fishing trip of their lives that exceeded their expectations. However, a small percentage of anglers set their expectations too high, anticipating specific achievements according to what they read or who they talked to.  This has potential to disappointment.  Like all trophy fishing destinations, success is impacted by weather, river conditions and the angler’s abilities.  The right place to start is reminding yourself that there are few guarantees in catching fish.

You can significantly increase your success by 3 things. One- Being proficient with your gear, and that means being able to comfortably double haul, casting a streamer on a sink tip line 60 feet or more into the wind.  With that cast, you can expect to do better than those who can not. Two- Translate clearly and honestly to us what your goals are before booking.  That way we can recommend a program that gives you the best chances of achieving those goals. And lastly, reiterate to our guide what you are looking for and then take his advice.

If you prepare in this manner, you can expect to have a damn good time in Argentina!

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