Critical Travel Notice! Reciprocity Fee policy change!

Dear guests of Fly Fishing Patagonia and Wing Shooting Argentina,

We have just been made aware by Argentina ImmigrationDepartment that they are changing the method of paying the Reciprocity Fee fortravelers from the USA, Canada and Australia.

Important change to the Reciprocity Fee’s policy for American, Canadian and Australian passport holders visiting Argentina.

Passengers travelling to Argentinaon or after December 29th will need to pay the Reciprocity Fee online before arriving.  Please note that passengers that have already paid the fee, that is good for 10 years, do not need to pay again until the certificate’s
expiration date. If you do not have the Reciprocity Fee Certificate pasted in one of your passport pages you will need to pay the fee online.

Starting on September 1st , 2012, any passenger visiting Argentina with an American, Canadian or Australian passport will be required to pay in advance the Reciprocity Fee via online. The new system will work parallel to the regular collection service performed at Ezeiza Airport until December 28th, 2012 and at Jorge Newbery Airport until October 31st, 2012. After the dates previously mentioned, the only method of collection would be online.

American, Canadian and Australian passport holders visiting Argentina will
be required to pay the reciprocity fee online at the following site:

You must register and pay with a credit card. Once the payment is received, an electronic receipt will be given and passenger would need to show it upon their arrival inArgentina. The lack of such proof of payment will generate the denial of entry of the passenger and consequent returning to their departure city by the airline.
We strongly urge passengers to take the necessary precautions so that those passengers who travel to the mentioned airports with a scheduled arrival starting on November 1st, 2012 (Jorge Newbery) and December 29th, 2012 (Ezeiza) have the electronic receipt with them.

The FFP and WSA Team

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