Spring Special -Dove/Dorado Cast-n-Blast!

In mid-September, our rivers start warming up and Golden Dorado become more active. By mid-October they typically have the same voracious appetite and exhibit the same aggressive attitude they do in the hot summer months. Also our dove population returns to the millions as they prey upon freshly sown fields. Combine the great fishing, shooting and weather with our friendly, professional staff and you’ve got a recipe for an adventure of a lifetime!

Do you have 4 or more friends that would love to do some high volume dove shooting and catch big Golden Dorado?  If so, you can offer them a serious adventure at a great price.
5 nights, 4.5 days      $2285 per rod/gun
6 nights, 5.5 days      $2625 per rod/gun
7 nights, 6.5 days      $2800 per rod/gun

(Min 5 nights, and 4 anglers/hunters. Arrival and departure days set to Wed, Fri and Sun. Valid Oct 1 – November 31, 2012 only. Must book before July 15, 2012.)

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