Record Brown Trout

We are please to announce that on Feb 28, 2012, Jim Icken of New Mexico landed what we think is the 2nd largest Brown Trout caught on the Malleo River at San Huberto Ranch.  Jim was accompanied by FFP guide Alex Plaza while fishing the Manzano pool.  It was caught with a 9ft, 5 weight TFO Professional Series Rod, a floating line, a 9 ft, 3X leader and a black crystal chenille #6 Wooly Bugger.  This beautiful fish measured 28 inches and made one high jump upon being hooked.

(It’s not a record fish, but still notable enough to make the newspaper. Kinda cool,  check it out.)

This fish was only 2 inches bigger than the Brown Trout Bruce McLeod caught with Alex on the Malleo at San Huberto in December.

Interestingly enough, another angler, P.C., more recently landed a 28in fish on the Malleo as well!  Who really cares which fish was really bigger, as it is very exciting to see the Malleo produce bigger fish more frequently.  The known record fish from San Huberto was 30.5 inches caught in 2001 by Malleo vertran “Lester”, guided by ranch owner, Ronnie Olsen.

Congratulations Jim, Bruce, P.C. and FFP guide Alex!

NOTE: To all those who  have photographed or caught fish on the Malleo larger than 28 inches, congrats to you too.  But understand that we are referring to waters inside the San Huberto Ranch.  If you know of a bigger fish caught on or off the ranch we’d love to know about it.

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